Hello! So this is my third attempt at starting a mainly technical blog, I hope this is the one that I keep. I thought that maybe a good idea would be to start this blog with a brief post of what I'm trying to accomplish here.

I always liked the idea of having my personal website where I can showcase the different personal project I attempt, also I like writing and hopefully, by writing on this website, I will get better at it. I chose Jekyll as my framework, mainly because it's free, simple to maintain and I can host the resulting site for free on GitHub Pages.

I'm not gonna lie, the first time I tried to create a website with Jekyll was not as smooth as I expected, mainly because I'm not familiar with Ruby's ecosystem (Which I hope to be soon because learning Ruby is one of my New Year's Resolutions).

After my first failed attempt to get a Jekyll workflow I feel comfortable maintaining, I found Octopress, which was basically Jekyll wrapped with a lot of fancy stuff, like simplified deployment using Rake. The resulting site looked nice, however, I did not really liked the way the website was deployed.

Finally, I found Poole, which is just Jekyll all set up and running, just fork and run, and that was the one I ended up using for this website. Just push to master and that's it. That's definitely something I can get behind.

Okay, back to the original topic I was trying to address: What I want this site to be. As you might already noticed after 3 paragraphs on how I built this site, I like writing about software development. Think of this website as a place where I'll be writing about the technologies I like, the projects I attempt and the things I'm going to learn (I'm looking at you Ruby!). Not only writing helps me remember stuff, I also hope that one day my technical writeups are useful to someone. I can't count how many times a personal tech blog helped me get out of a problem I was stuck on.

So that's it! That's my blog, hopefully I keep it updated and learn more while maintaining it.