About Andrés

Hello! I'm Andrés Arias, I'm a Computer Engineer from Costa Rica working as an Embedded Software Engineer for R&D at Boston Scientific.

I used to work at Neustar as a Software Engineer, mainly working with DevOps technologies. Also, in the past, I worked at Lantern Technologies, a Costa Rican startup, writing firmware for IoT devices mainly targeted at industrial and commercial applications.

Computing has always been my passion, so I started this website to write about the experiments I work on and the things I'm learning. Hopefully, something in here will be useful for someone, or at least entertaining.

Topics I'm mostly interested in: Embedded Systems, Hardware Hacking, Computer Architectures, Programming Languages, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

Contact me

My personal email is andres.arias12(at)gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can find me on LinkedIn.

I'm also on GitHub!